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The Grand Tour

Guided Tours of Rome and Italy on the footsteps of the Grand Tour Travelers


The Grand Tour offers different type of tours, walks and activities to enjoy Rome and Italy’s infinite cultural and historical heritage. We are offering you the unique experience of “The Grand Tour”, a lived experience of art and culture, off the beaten tracks and away from the crowds and the mass tourism routes. Please prepare yourself for a relaxed, educational, and exciting discovering of Rome and Italy with our guided commented itineraries for private and small groups.

The tours run as scheduled, rain or shine. Small Group Tours size may vary from 6 to 19 people only, headsets are included if mentioned (and needed), our guides will talk clearly and anyone have always the chance to ask questions which are always welcome and enrich the visit to everyone. Each tour consist always of a general introduction of 10/15 minutes, then the guide will explain the artworks, the buildings and the facts and anecdotes behind them reveiling hidden gems and illustrating all the classics.
Some tours include a short break for coffees, restrooms & co. Our guides concentrate on the explanation of the meaning and the facts which are “behind” history and culture, and also on the commentaries made by the Poets and the Artists in the past, giving you the elements to understand and enjoy what you are visiting.
Our tours are designed for a culturally curious traveler, not necessary highly educated, but for sure interested in a deeper understanding. At the same time they are easy and not exhausting, which makes them the perfect choice for families, aged travelers and people with special needs. Finally our tours are not for the rush-here-rush-there tourist, but for travelers which ask for a bit more from their experience of Rome and Italy



In the past “Grand Tour” was the name of the journey that the European noblemen and rich bourgeois took to Italy, to discover its ancient beauty and its incomparable richness of arts and culture. It was more than a simple tour or a passing fashion, it became a fundamental moment in the cultural training of every cultivated European.


Today The Grand Tour aims at promoting the knowledge of the Italian naturalistic and cultural heritage in the mood of the travellers of that age.


To this end, we put at your disposal highly trained guides that will make you discover in an involving way the artistic beauties of our country in a new light. Besides, they will make you discover the less known treasures usually ignored by mass tourism. We organize theme itineraries – “tailored” on demand -, private guided tours to monuments and museums, attendance to traditional events, and much more.

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“There is certainly no place in the world where a man may travel with greater Pleasure and Advantage than in Italy. One finds something more particular in the face of the country and more astonishing in the works of nature, than can be met with any other part of Europe. It is the great school of Music and Painting, and contains in it all the noblest Productions of Statuary and Architecture, both Ancient and Modern ….There is scarce any part of the Nation that is not Famous in History, nor so much as a Mountain or River that has not been the scene of some extraordinary Action.”

Joseph Addison, 1745