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The Grand Tour

About “Grand Tour”

In the past “Grand Tour” was the name of the journey that the European noblemen and rich bourgeois took in Italy to discover its ancient beauty and its incomparable richness of art and culture. It was more than a simple tour or a passing fashion: it became a fundamental moment in the cultural training of every cultured European.

The “Grand Tour” Today

Today The Grand Tour  aims at promoting the knowledge of the Italian cultural heritage in the spirit of the travellers of the XVIII century. To this end, we put at your disposal highly trained guides, archaeologists and art historians, that will help you discover  the artistic beauties of our country in a new light.  In addition,  they will help you discover the lesser known treasures often ignored by mass tourism. We organize theme itineraries – “tailored” on demand – private guided tours to monuments and museums, attendance at traditional events, and much more.

The Grand Tour today for us means: travelling “slower”, have a deeper experience of what you visit, enjoy also local food, drinks, products, talk to the locals and learn more how that building or museum influenced the artists of the Modern and Contemporary Ages.

About UsThe Grand Tour was originally Established in Rome in 2002 providing cultural and tourist services, rapidly became on of the main provider and reference for cultural activities for many companies operating in travel and general business. Since 2009 it is also a Tour Operator and a Travel Agency opened to the B to B as well as the Retail markets. The Agency is directed by Mario Bernardi, our staff is mainly composed by archaeologists and art historians and by the most qualified end expert professionals in the travel 1business: tour guides, tour directors, interpreters.


The Grand Tour creates unique and authentic experiences, rather than providing general packaging and standard travel services.